Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends Indeed

I will forever be grateful to a very special friend of mine, Dave Hastings. I live alone and got up at 1:00 AM on a Saturday morning to use the bathroom. After I had entered the bathroom I accidentally fell backwards and wasn't able to catch myself. I hit the floor and after I tried moving I realized I damaged something. I tried several times to crawl out but to no avail. I laid there the remainder of the night and all day Sunday. The phone kept ringing but there wasn't a thing I could do.

At 7:30 PM Sunday evening I heard the front door unlock. I heard my friend yell my name and I yelled back  to tell him where I was. Words cannot express how welcome his voice was. After he had looked me over he decided I should go to the hospital .  I had been on the floor at that point for 18 hours.

 At the hospital I learned I had broken my hip. While I was in the hospital and then  rehab, Dave watched my house, had my security system updated,  and paid my bills as I instructed. One thing he was very adamant about was making me wear a life alert necklace and carrying a cell phone. I don't drive but he takes me to my doctors and the store to buy food when necessary.

He has been a friend for 34 years, a now he has saved my life! All the money in the world can't buy a friend like this. 

-  Terry Risley

Thank you Terry and Dave
for allowing us to share your wonderful story
of true friendship.  It's also a reminder for all of us to
check on our friends and neighbors who live alone,
and if you are older and live on your own, carry some sort of
calling device on you at all times -  such as life alert or a cell phone.  

Do you know someone like Dave who goes above and beyond to help others?
Tell us about it and we'll send him/her our best form of Thank you -
a big box of our gelatos and sorbettos, free!


  1. We should all be so blessed to have a friend like Dave. I'm so glad he was able to help Terry.

    This same thing happened to an old friend of our family many years ago; she was taking a bath in the tub and slipped with a broken hip. She was there until that night when her son got home. Unfortunately, she was never able to go back home.

    Thank you for these heartwarming posts.

  2. WShat a heart-warming story of someone who checks up on his friend. It must have been a long 18 hours for Terry and what a relief that Dave came! Joni

  3. Wonderful story! Reminds me of the verse, 'A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity'. Prov 17:17

    He sure does demonstrate that kind of caring!

  4. To have a *true* friend like Dave would be so very awesome! So many of us go throughout our lives without having a one, really *true* friend... such as Dave is to you! You are so blessed to have his friendship, and viceaversa, in that he is so blessed to have you as his friend too!! We need more Dave's in our world!


  5. What a touching story about someone that really cares! Glad this friend came in on time for saving a life.

    Refreshing to hear things like this!



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