Friday, February 25, 2011

Even Elvis is back in the building, thanks to Tina!

Joy C. Tilton of Rogers, Arkansas wrote:

  I would love to give a shout out to a wonderful person who wakes up every day thinking "What can I do to make senior citizen's lives better?"

   Tina Cox has dedicated her adult life to her chosen profession as an activity director of nursing facilities. At this stage of their lives, seniors often "give up," having little to look forward to. I watch as Tina does her magic at the nursing home where my Mom lives. Her contagious smile and energy passes to each person she touches. She spends her days planning for the residents, from concerts to cake decorating classes, petting zoos to shucking corn on the porch, doll making to family oriented parties... she prods and convinces for the fun to come to them. She often says, "All I have to do is ask, people want to help!"

  Tina's attitude is unlike any other person I've ever met, she honestly doesn't have the word "can't" in her vocabulary! Her life has had sorrow and heartbreak, but you would never guess this. The residents of Jamestown are so very lucky to call her friend and to have her on their team, working tirelessly to make them have something to get out of bed for every single day. That's really the secret to having a happy life, isn't it?

Tina Cox with Elvis, who came to serenade the residents -

Thank you, Joy, for sending this wonderful story.
Tina has requested that her gelato and sorbetto be shipped
to the Jamestown Nursing Facility so that it can be shared with the residents.
We're happy to oblige.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Daughters Love

   * Note from Roba Dolce:  The photo and last name of the recipient have been removed. It is important  that you have the permission of the person you are nominating to use their photo or last name on these posts.

  The  person I want to write about is humble, generous, and always carries a smile on her face.  Her name is Christina .  She came to the United States more than 20 years ago from Hong Kong.  She's been through a lot in the past few years and is one of the victims of the recent recession.  She lost her job and her home.  However, she never acts or feels  that she is as a victim, quite the opposite is true.  She uses her free time for charity work, visiting and caring for elders and the ill.  She often prepares home cooked meals and brings them to those who are in need, regardless of  her own time and expense.

   Christina, in her mid-60's, is more active than ever.  She signed up with her church to participate on projects to spread the gospel.  Every year, she travels to Mexico with other participants to help repair and paint  homes and schools.   She is the most generous and loving person I know, and the best mom in the world. 

   Yes, Christina is my mom.  The one who taught me by example, each and every day.   I can never praise and thank her enough for what she has given me, and  I took this opportunity to write about her  because I believe she deserves some recognition. 

Thank you for reading.

Warm Regards,
Amy T.  
                     Amy- thank YOU for sharing your mother's generosity with us.
Roba Dolce is sending out a big box of gelato and sorbetto
in appreciation of her kindness.

Keep the stories coming!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spreading Some Good News!

So, why a blog?  It's true, we already have a website.
 This blog, however, is on a mission. Read on and become part of our story.

  We all know how dismal the news can be. We're bombarded daily with negative images of political unrest, the fallout of a poor economy, acts of violence and abuse... the list goes on.

  What we want to hear about are acts of kindness that occur everywhere with everyday people. If you know someone who devotes time in one way or another to enriching the lives of others, or if you have a story of a random act of kindness, tell us here on the blog.   Become a follower and tell us their story in the comments section or via e-mail listed on the side bar. Every week we will choose one of these stories with your help and highlight it in a blog post. The subject of the chosen story will receive a large assortment of our gelatos and sorbettos, free, as a reward for their kindness.

It gets even better - Once we reach 500 followers, all 500 will be entered to win a grand prize of two premium Patriots tickets to the game of your choice for the 2011 season, as well as a large box of gelato and sorbetto... and there are plans for so much more.   So, let's hear it - together we can spread some good news and bring a few more smiles to the world.  

 (Important:  If your story is chosen for a post - 
Make sure you have permission from the person who you are nominating -
we can leave out last names and specific locations for their privacy protection) 

From our heart to yours -
The Team at Roba Dolce