Friday, July 1, 2011

Taylor Swift & Roba Dolce at Gillette Stadium!

  photo by Keith Nordstrom

Taylor Swift continued her "Speak Now" tour sponsored by Cover Girl last weekend.  52,000 People came to see the show.... what a performance!   AND...the lines at the Roba Dolce Gelato & Sorbetto carts were fantastic to see!

Taylor Swift said on her Twitter shortly after.... "tonight I got to dance in the pouring rain with 52,000 people. I will NEVER forget it."  Her guitarist Grant Mickelson said  "you're telling me I just played for 110,000 people in less than 48 hrs? We can safely say that the people of Massachusetts are AWESOME!"

  We were proud to participate at such an awesome event.  As always, we thank all of you who are supporting and enjoy our Gelato & Sorbetto.