Friday, February 25, 2011

Even Elvis is back in the building, thanks to Tina!

Joy C. Tilton of Rogers, Arkansas wrote:

  I would love to give a shout out to a wonderful person who wakes up every day thinking "What can I do to make senior citizen's lives better?"

   Tina Cox has dedicated her adult life to her chosen profession as an activity director of nursing facilities. At this stage of their lives, seniors often "give up," having little to look forward to. I watch as Tina does her magic at the nursing home where my Mom lives. Her contagious smile and energy passes to each person she touches. She spends her days planning for the residents, from concerts to cake decorating classes, petting zoos to shucking corn on the porch, doll making to family oriented parties... she prods and convinces for the fun to come to them. She often says, "All I have to do is ask, people want to help!"

  Tina's attitude is unlike any other person I've ever met, she honestly doesn't have the word "can't" in her vocabulary! Her life has had sorrow and heartbreak, but you would never guess this. The residents of Jamestown are so very lucky to call her friend and to have her on their team, working tirelessly to make them have something to get out of bed for every single day. That's really the secret to having a happy life, isn't it?

Tina Cox with Elvis, who came to serenade the residents -

Thank you, Joy, for sending this wonderful story.
Tina has requested that her gelato and sorbetto be shipped
to the Jamestown Nursing Facility so that it can be shared with the residents.
We're happy to oblige.


  1. Love this story! We need more people like Tina! And, I knew Elvis wasn't dead! :)

  2. Thrilled to see this posted! Tina so deserves to have recognition, she was just bowled over when I gave her the news that she was going to be featured on the blog! People who give so much don't expect kudos, they do it because they love to see others happy. Thanks so much to Roba Dolce for stepping up and asking us to share good news!